Project background

Environmental management should be adapted to the new conditions of CC in an effective and long term manner. This should be done by developing an integrated management model for the entire MA, addressing the two main activities in MA; Forestry and Agriculture.

_LIFE STEMMA proposes an effective water resources protection strategy, paired with the needs for wildfire protection and sustainable agriculture development.

_LIFE STEMMA is an approach on accumulated biomass will be presented for combining fire modeling and carbon storage and removals modeling at local level.

_LIFE STEMMA is designed on the basis of multi-level synergies.

Apart from targeting at CC adaptation and mitigation, all project actions that relate to interventions on vegetation (C1-C6) will result in spinoff outcomes that are expected to deliver biodiversity benefits. Therefore, the project indirectly will contribute to the implementation of Union policy and legislation in the area of nature and biodiversity, including Directives 92/43/EEC and 2009/147/EC. Through applying and demonstrating approaches such as the development of agroforestry systems, strengthening of habitats that have sporadic occurrence (habitat types of Castanea sativa in MOS & Pinus nigra in MA), as well as through enrichments or silvicultural treatments that leave open and clear the forest understorey will encourage the development of a diverse flora as well as create habitat options for bird species. The impact on biodiversity will be monitored and assessed in Actions D1 & D4.