Promoting a long-term adaptation to ClimateChange Mount Athos

An integrated protection of priority habitat types, landscapes and the
cultural environment

• 2020 – 2025 •

The Project

LIFE STEMMA proposes strategies aim to reach not only short term objectives such as decreasing the immediate risk of a particular disturbance, but also towards the promotion of resilience as a key objective for long-term adaptation to Climate Change. It will provide innovative strategic tools that will decrease disturbance risks, increase resilience against these disturbances and foster recovery in case of disturbance. Mount Athos will be a showcase, ideal for demonstration purposes because of its significant cultural, historical and natural elements, but also because of its unique administrational system.

Management of the natural environment in Mountain Athos due to its particular nature and culture

Project Objectives

Human and culture existence are dependent on the environment and as such, environmental sustainability cannot be viewed as apart from these. The livelihood of monks and the preservation of the universal value of Mount Athos depend strongly on the sustainable management of its forests. The broad objective of the project is to contribute to the development of strategic and integrated environmental management in MA under the perspective of Climate Change adaptation and mitigation.

MA is responsible for the management of its forest, leading to lack of an integrated strategic planning in face of CC

Project Actions

Mount Athos is an almost fully forested mountain, with high biodiversity, historical and cultural value. However, vulnerability to CC related risks is high due to MA having an island-like isolation from the Greek mainland, intensive chestnut monoculture, fractionally managed or totally unmanaged forest and shrubland and limited water resources. Moreover, each of the 20 self-governed administration entities (Monasteries) in the MA is responsible for the management of its forest, leading to lack of an integrated strategic planning in face of CC. In this direction, there are several actions involved.

Project Partners

Holy Community of Mount Athos

Democritus University of Thrace

Monastère de Solan Sarl

Friends of Solan